Technical notes on the recording

Original analog recording Jan. 22, 1951 on wire recorder by Prof. Norman Ramsey.
Transfer to half-track 7.5 ips magnetic tape by Prof. Norman Ramsey.
Equalization and transfer to DAT by Dr. David Griesinger and Prof. Paul Horowitz.
Transfer to CD master 12/15/97 by Paul Horowitz using Zefiro ZA-2, Goldwave, and HP 6020 CD-R.
For all except "The Professor's Song": additional balancing and noise reduction 2005 by Chris Kingsley.

If you would like to take a crack at further improving the sound quality of this recording, we would be delighted; please contact Prof. Walter Smith ( Be aware that we've tried pretty hard, and Paul Horowitz is a god of electronics (and David Griesinger is no slouch either!), so only those with experience with this type of thing should try.

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