Fall 2009

Guidelines for Final Paper, Women and Gender in Early Christianity (Religion 221b)

Assignment: A final research paper of 12-15 pages (30%)

Due Dates:

    1. Tues., November 24, 4 p.m.: Proposal should be submitted by email to amcguire@haverford.edu or brought to class . You might find it useful to read the guidelines for the preparation of a senior thesis proposal in the Religion Dept. -- read and adjust accordingly.
    2. Tues., December 8: Annotated bibliography, outline, & 5-page draft due in class.
    3. Wed., December 16: Final paper due - submit printed copy to Gest and send email attachment to amcguire@haverford.edu.

The assignment: Each of you will be writing a 12-15-page paper (double-spaced) for your final project in the course. This paper should do two things:

1) it should offer your own argument about a particular text, topic, or figure that has significance within the context of "Women and Gender in Early Christianity."

2) This paper should incorporate insights from, and engage in dialogue with, published scholarship in the field. It is this engagement with other scholarly voices, even more than length, that really distinguishes this paper from your two essays for the course.

Research: Each of you should consult the work of at least 6 scholars on your topic. This should include at least 5-8 articles (from journals and/or published collections) and relevant portions of at least 2-4 books on your topic. You are also encouraged to consult reference works in the library or online. Identify the authors whose work you want to engage in dialogue with, gather the sources from the Library, Interlibrary loan, and internet resources. For the annotated bibliography, you should write 2-3 sentences on the relevance of each title for your project. When you cite the works of these authors in your paper, you will want to indicate where you are indebted to these scholars for their work, and where you disagree with them.

Topics you might consider: Below is a list of general topics; please choose something more specific within a range of topics connected to what we've covered in the course.

I urge you to see this paper as an opportunity to explore in greater depth and with greater care the complexity and depth of the material you’re studying this semester. Analyse the material from both primary and secondary sources with care and criticism.

Citations of Secondary Sources: This paper should use footnotes to cite secondary sources and/or to expand upon points made in the body of the paper. For an example, see my footnotes in the WCO volume -- but please, don't aim for such a lengthy set of footnotes!


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