Prof. Anne McGuire, Haverford College

Discussion Board Postings on the Readings for Class

Each of you will be posting on Blackboard's Discussion Board for one class each week. After reading the materials assigned, you'll post a 2-3 Paragraph Analysis of some aspect of the primary source readings assigned for class by 11 p..m. the night before class.

Half of the class will post the 2-3 paragraph Analysis by Monday 11 p.m. for Tuesday's class; the other half of the class will post by Wednesday 11 p.m. for Thursday's class. You should also try to read the postings before both classes, and you should write also when you find something you want to say in response.

For your Analysis postings, you may select any important element of the text: a theme, a short passage or episode, a character, use of Jewish scripture, a saying of Jesus, etc. You may choose to use the syllabus Discussion Topics as a guide. Analyse briefly the ways the element you've chosen to focus on is represented in the text, how it fits with other themes, what it tells us about the text and/or its historical context. If appropriate, offer an interpretative claim about the significance of the material.

In class each of you may be asked to share with the class your thoughts and/or questions about the material.

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