...worst case scenarios and bad email days

You post something

1. it's wrong
2. It's empty
3. It appears twelve times (and it's wrong and empty)

You queue up wishful unsendable mail in offline software, start doing something else, and then login absent mindedly.. hours later, sitting smuggly somewhere, you remember you forgot to delete the mail before logging on and it's gone containing vitriolic attack/declaration of love/resignation letter or whatever

Someone steals your password and...

1. posts extreme foolishness (more so than usual) in your name on USENET
2. logs onto your WELL/MindVox/ECHO/AOL/CI$/DIALOG account and doesn't logoff
3. changes it
4. offers you up to the world in alt.personals

You type rm instead of rn You change mailer and "r" now means reply to everyone but you forget

You send out mail to a million distribution lists telling people about your paper/software on your public ftp site, and you give them the wrong address.

You send a flame/indignant correction to some discussion on a mailing list/BBS/USENET, and then when you calm down and read it again, discover you misunderstood the original posting.

You realise an inappropriately jovial and dry .sig has attatched itself automatically to the job application you just sent off.

Someone you meet on a MUD/MOO/MUSH/MUSE, and even quite like, to your horror, annonounces that they're flying out to meet you next week (this can be made worse by photos/weird handwritten letters/blood stained envelopes)
You say your goodbyes on a MUD/MOO/MUSH/MUSE and don't logoff properly for some reason, just cut your connection.
When you log back on you find most of the conversation that continued after you left, still there, and it's either professionally or personally disturbing to read.

You mispage your undying affection to a respected colleague. then get timed out after 60 seconds

Your boyfriend/wife/roommate screams at you to get off the damn computer
You press RETURN instead of NO and RETURN
You leave your comms program without logging out, turn off your computer, and go to bed, your dilligent external modem keeps you connected to the BBS in Greenland that you'd been reading about, but on sensible grounds had previously resisted the temptation to try.

You have to steal someones password and get to their account (before they do) to delete the mail you REALLY REALLY didn't mean to send ... only to log back in to your own account and find a reply to it.

Any of the following bills arrive
1. Your phone bill 2. net services (by the hour)
3. Your credit card bill (containing lots of things you sincerely don't remember buying, all coinciding with when you sent credit details over the internet for a magazine subscription.)

You post something and it gets ignored
You post something and it doesn't oneday

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