Video Vignettes of Morocco
Doug Davis

Note: These QuickTime video clips are intended for the use of students in Haverford Psychology 214, Adolescence, where they serve as supplementary illustrations of matters covered in Davis, S.S., & Davis, D.A. (1989). Adolescence in a Moroccan town: Making social sense. Rutgers University Press and other assigned readings on Morocco in general and the town of Zawiya specifically. All these materials are copyright Douglas A. Davis, 2002-2003. Do not copy or re-distribute these materials without written permission.

To view these clips, you will need Apple Computer's QuickTime application.

SKZ: The Bridge 4.8MB 0.8MB
SKZ: `Eid Sghir: Rooftop 4.2MB 1.0MB
SKZ: `Eid Sghir: Zlaga 10MB 2.3MB
SKZ: `Eid Sghir: Malika's 4.7MB 1.1MB
SKZ: Women's party 8.5MB 2.0MB
SKZ: `Eid Sghir: Kid's play 4.1MB 1.0MB
SKZ: Azziza: bit dyyaf 4.0MB 1.0MB
SKZ: Azziza: Fatima-Z. 5.4MB 1.3MB
SKZ: Hamid, Qasm, Susan 3.8MB 0.9MB
SKZ: Hamid's: Souhaila 5.2MB 1.2MB
SKZ: Hamid's: Karima 4.6MB 1.1MB
SKZ: Hamid's: Yassine, game 10.6MB 1.6MB
SKZ: Hamid's: shop 7.2MB 1.7MB
Fez Medina: roof 16.9MB 3.9MB
Rabat: Hayy Riad roof 5.7MB 1.3MB
AUI: Classroom, web ad 1 10.7MB 2.5MB
AUI: Classroom: web ad 2 21.0MB 4.9MB
AUI: Nass el Ghiwane 24.9MB 5.8MB

And, for comparison, see this clip from 1982.

Psychology214 students: please address comments and questions concerning these materials to the Blackboard discussion.

Not all these clips will be of equal use. I suggest you watch the first three SKZ clips ("The Bridge," "`Eid Sghir: Rooftop," `Eid Sghir: Zlaga") to get a visual sense of the place, then some family scenes ("`Eid Sghir: Kid's play," "Hamid's: Souhaila," "Hamid's: Yassine, game").

What strikes you about these scenes? How easy is it to imagine yourself fitting into one of these gatherings? What roles are adults playing here, and what lessons might kids be taking away? What more do you need to know to understand what you're seeing and hearing?