Meehl, P.E. (1973). Why I do not attend case conferences. In P.E. Meehl, Psychodiagnosis: Collected papers. Minneapolis: The University of Minnesota Press.

Suggestions for Improvement

We can select, if we have a rather small numner of trainees in a program, applicants falling in the (++) cell of a cognizance-nurturnace fourfold table (Meehl, 1973, p. 283).
"Most people's thoughts..."
cf., cont., organic, 'functional' diseases (see chart, p. 287).
(pseudo)scientific terminology, e.g.


Meehl's often not an easy writer, and you should probably read this in sections, allowing time to return to his ideas. You'll encounter many unfamiliar acronyms. It helps to have a dictionary handy, too.