What's Relevant?

By "relevant" I mean those linked pages obviously about assessment, about examples developed in class, or about personality psychology generally. Like all teachers, I like to imagine students finding the material so fascinating that they wander off the yellow brick road into the enchanted forest of marvels now just a few clicks away on the Web. Please do not, however, feel compelled to read everything eventually linked to this HyperSyllabus. Since every link in the WWW is in principle multiply reachable from every other, to try to follow them all will take longer than bicycling to the Gamma Quadrant.

It is hard to know how to use Web resources effectively, especially when each page is linked to other pages. In general, I expect that before each class you will at least browse (read rapidly) the pages linked directly to each lecture topic, and to glance at the pages linked to those pages. Often the latter will be long (even book-length) and unessential to getting the point of the primary page, but I want you to have the experience of a Webbed world in which local material such as lecture notes is only a click or two away from primary sources, related discussions by other teachers and students, and material (perhaps multimedia) that provides a context or a thought-provoking gloss on the primary material. The "hypersyllabus" in its current form is a crude and evolving attempt at constructing a small corner of such a Web tool for one field, Personality Psychology.

The email and discussion group links are to allow you to ask questions, post reactions, and point to new resources in a way that will often affect how I conduct the next class. I hope you'll let me know both when this hypertextual project seems to be working and all the many ways in which it disappoints. Perhaps by the end of the course we'll have collaborated on something better.

To have the hypertextual experience, try wandering for half an hour in some richly-linked subsets of Web space -- say www.links.net -- and let me know how you find the process?