Psychology 212h
Class Projects

Real, Ideal, and Friends' Perceptions of Personality
Ellie Brown
Elisa Escobar
Christie Greer
David Mintzer
Lisette Osorio
Melissa Wachterman
Abby Wellington

Communication Modes and the Big Five Factors
Jason Bernstein
Meredyth Cohen
Rebecca Mckeown
Nicholas Yee
Lawren Young

Relationships Between Family Composition, Intimacy, and Personality
Hillary Bobys
Rachel Gorman
Lauren Koenig
Kate Lauber

Drinking at Haverford: An Online Survey
Nick D'Avella
Lauren Fisher
Karen Muñoz
Richard Cruz

Web Pages: The True You?
Leland Kass
Adrianne Lord
Courtney Nolan
Brian Stein

An Investigation of Computer Use in Conjunction with Personality Measures in Cyber Space

Avis Brennan
Kat Laine
Carla Gonçalves