Haverford College
Psychology 212h: Personality Assessment
Computer/Web Use Questionnaire

Thank you for agreeing to take part in this study. Your participation is voluntary, and you may withdraw from the study at any time. Your answers will be used as part of a statistical study, and you will be identified by a code number. Your individual responses will not be used in any way that identifies you.

Background Information

Please respond to each question below by clicking the appropriate button.

Sex: Male Female
Year (if you are a college student): Frosh Soph Junior Senior
Major: Humanities Social Sciences Natural Sciences

Computer/Web Use

Do you have your own personal computer? Yes No

If yes, which type of computer do you have? Mac Windows Other
If you most often use a computer other than your own, what type is it? Mac Windows Other

Do one or both of your parents use a personal computer regularly? Yes No

How old were you when you learned to use a computer?

Which of the following terms or acronyms can you define or explain?  (Check all that apply)


Do you have personal access on demand to the Internet? Yes No

If yes, which of the following best describes your typical access?

Do you have a personal email address? Yes, more than one address Yes, one address No

If yes, how often do you check your email?

If you check email on your own computer, do you have the mail program set to check automatically? Yes No How often?
About how many email messages do you send daily?
About how many email messages do you receive daily?

Do you have a personal Web page? Yes No

If yes, what is the Web address (optional)?
If yes, why did you create your own Web page?
If no, why have you not created a Web page?

How often do you use the World Wide Web?

What sorts of Web sites have you visited in the last month?

Educational/School related Yes No
Entertainment (Music/TV/film)
Yes No
Sports Yes No
Games Yes No
News Yes No
Chat Yes No
Consumer/On-line business Yes No

What are your favorite sites on the Web (name and/or Web URL)?

Do you play interactive games with other people on the Internet? Yes No

If yes, what game do you play most often?

Do you participate in role-playing games (MUDs, MOOs, etc.) with other people on the Internet? Yes No

If yes, what role-playing game or site do you use most often?

Which of the following communication services do you use? (Check all that apply)

Broadcast (Mac)
AOL Instant Messenger
IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
Microsoft NetMeeting

If you use one or more of these communication services, how many hours a day do you spend messaging other people?

Attitudes Toward Computing/Internet Use

Please briefly complete each of the following sentences.

When my computer does not work properly, I
If I am unable to use my computer or the Internet for a few days, I feel
If someone were watching me use my computer, I'd
If someone looked at all the files on my computer hard drive, I'd feel
If someone looked at the whole list of Web pages I'd visited, I'd feel

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Please direct any questions about this study to Doug Davis (ddavis@haverford.edu, 610-896-1236), Haverford Psychology.