Psychology 205h: Personality Assessment
Haverford College
Spring, 2002
Doug Davis
The Final Project/Paper
(revised 4/25/02)

By the end of exam period (noon, May 17, 2002), please submit to me as a Web URL the address of a short paper written by you and saved on your College website that does the following:

I will be meeting with the class during scheduled lab sessions to discuss the ways this assignment can be completed, and I will be available to individual and group help sessions to enable you to complete all the parts of this assignment.

A copy of the "final," 84-subject Statistica file is on the Course Use server (Psychology, Doug Davis, Psych 205h '02) as "p205.02.survey1.shared." Do not attempt to change this file. Copy it to the machine and folder on which you are working and save changes there. We will practice manipulating data and running some of the statistics you are likely to need using this file on the available machines in Sharpless 401.

You are welcome to work on this assignment together where technical details of Dreamweaver, Gather, Excel, and Statistica are concerned. Your final paper, however, should represent your own writing and your assurance to me that you are now fully able to complete all these Web, Gather, and Statistica tasks on your own.

Statistica tips.