Psych 212h

Creating a Web home page and interactive form

Kevin Crisp
Doug Davis

Some tips:

1- Just a reminder that when you are ready to have your page visible to the entire world on the web, you need to save your file(s) into your personal web page directory. To access this directly, go into Chooser under the Apple Menu, click on Appleshare, click on HC ACC Services, and double-click on Then click "registered user", and log in with your username and password, just as you would log into Unixmail. An icon called "Web pages for <username>" will then appear on your desktop, and you can drag your file into that folder.

2-Don't forget to save your main page as:


This should be written in all lowercase letters as it is above, because URLs (Uniform Resource Locators, Web page addresses) are case-sensitive.

3-Assuming that you have saved your main page as home.html, your URL will be:

Any other page that you have in your directly will have the following URL:

4-If you want to link one of your own pages to your main page, you don't need to enter the full URL in the link editor box in Claris Home Page. For example, if you wanted to link a file to your main page called "form.html", you would just have to open the link editor box, and for the address, enter:


5- Since "Your web pages reflect positively or negatively on the College and on yourself," it is important that you consider the content guidelines published by the Haverford Academic Computing Center.

6- After you have finished working on your page for one sitting, you should probably view your page through Netscape just to make sure all of the links are working properly.

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