Transcribed 1989 Haverford Student Dreams

[1] Questions appended to each dream form:

1. Please describe factors that might have influenced this particular dream, such as personal relationships, family and religious background, or current emotional issues.

2. Dreams are often couched in recognizable characters and places. Please explain the characters and setting(s) of your dream.

What significance do the characters or setting have for you? Why did they occur in this dream?

3. Were you surprised or upset by any aspect of your dream?

4. Which best describes your dream? (a) You were observing the action in your dream. (b) You were participating in the action.

5. Which best describes your dream? (a) The action happened to you. (b) You initiated the action.

6. In your dream, did you have the feeling of (a) success (b) failure (c) neutral or (d) both? (circle one)

7. Were the feelings you experienced in your dream (a) primarily pleasant, (b) primarily unpleasant, or (c) mixed or neutral? (circle one)

8. Was there any notable activity prior to dreaming which might have influenced how you slept, such as alcohol/drug use, or sexual activity?

9. Why do you suppose you had this dream at this time? Do you have any thoughts about what this dream may mean?

Subject 13

age 18





1 day elapsed

9 hour sleep:

I was going to be in a violin recital the following week. The other people were much better musicians than I, and I was not very well prepared. I discussed not being ready with some of my friends from chambers singers, and decided not to play in their recital.

1) I had a violin lesson the day before, and had not been well prepared. I heard a student playing when I got to my teacher's house who was much better than I am. I have also been feeling very negative about my playing lately.

2) The dream took place mostly at school; the setting was thus what I usually experience. The characters in the dream were people from school, and they filled their normal roles.

3) Not really. I usually feel unprepared for public playing, and my reactions to the people in it were the same as usual.

4) B 5) B 6) B 7) B

8) I had just arrived home for break, and I was very tired.

9) I was probably thinking about not being prepared for my lesson. My younger brother was talking about playing in a recital. I don't think the dream was significantly meaningful, except that it displayed my current feelings about my violin playing.

# 13


3 hours elapsed

11 hours of sleep:

I was travelling west with my family in our car, which was packed like it usually is when we go camping. We had to cross Lake Michigan on a ferry, but there was a storm. My mother and I stood by a river that emptied into the lake and decided that we should not cross because of the high waves.

1) The travelling with my family is common. I might have bee feeling glad to be home with them.

2) The characters are my family in a typical situation. The setting either reflected the visit of some relatives of a friend of mine from Michigan or involved me thinking of a friend who goes to school there. Neither issue was primary in my mind though.

3) Not really. My family was annoyed by having to wait, but no emotions were really involved.

4) B 5) A 6) C 7) C

8) I was very overtired and felt nauseous when I finally went to bed.

9) I don't know why I had the dream or what it might mean.



1 hour elapsed

8 hour sleep:

I was teaching a young girl to drive on what I recognized to be the BMC campus, in a car I knew was mine. She drove rather well, and so we ended the dream by driving on a highway, and I was rather nervous while she was driving.

1) I have been driving now, and I haven't driven in quite a while. I find myself much more nervous about driving now than I ever was before.

2) I knew the setting was BMC, although it actually didn't look like the campus. I associate positive emotions with the college. I don't recognize the character.

3) The girl seemed too young to drive

4) B 5) B 6) C 7) C 8) NO

9)I might have been influenced by starting to drive again. I talked about Driver's Education with friends during the week. I also thought about my "baby" brother growing up, and being taller than me. I think he is too young to do the things that he does.



3 hours elapsed

7 hour sleep:

I was sitting in my living room with a friend who I know from home, but also goes to BMC. We were looking at some grades I had gotten this year. We looked at a children's book which I had written something in. I got an "A"; the work had been graded by the English teacher I had during my senior year in high school.

1) My relationship with this friend is very strained right now; she wants to spend more time with me than I can afford. The problems with her are very much in my mind.

2) The characters and setting are current in my life. I saw my friend the day before at my house.

3) The dream was much less stressful than my realtionship with my friend.

4) B 5)B 6) A 7) A 8) (Blank)

9) I think the dream agrees with my current feelings about my friend: our relationship has stagnated at a high school level although we have moced into a college world.



20 min elapsed

8.5 hous of sleep:

I was at home, begging my parents to let me go on a trip to the Soviet Union with a violin group I belonged to ever since I was four. My parents weren't sure that I should go, but they agreed that I should pack some clothes. I first packed in a plastic bag, then in a suit case. We went to the airport to say good-bye to the other people going and some how my parents and I ended up on a plane--a very large one. We had thought the plane would stop in New York, so we could get off, but the stewardess told us we were going straight to Moscow. Since we were still on the ground at this point ( we taxied for several miles into a wooded area) we begged her to tell the pilot to let us off--we didn't have enough clothes, or our passports. We ended up staying on the plane. Next we were in Moscow, hiding at some sort of house although the streets were deserted. Breshnev, who was still a major government official, came to visit us and assured us that we were safe. He showed us some X-Rays that were supposed to be of me, and they looked like I had breast cancer. I think the X-Rays were being given to the U.S. as a reason why I had to stay where we were.

At some point my mother was afraid that they would not let her leave because she had been born in Rumania. She was afraid to be back in a Communist Country.

Addition: When we realized that we had to go to Moscow, I was very upset that we had to fly 10 hours just to come back.

1) I had wanted to go on the trip very much, and went to the Buffalo airport on 3/19 to say good bye to my friends, who kidded about smuggling me on board. The rest of the story is related to the movie "White Nights." My mother would be upset by being captive in the USSR.

2) The characters and setting were ones very much on my mind as a wish. I know I wanted to go on the trip and some of the events were rather realistic.

3) I don't think my family would have forgotten to bring passports, and I don't think we would have gotten confused about whether the plane would land.

4) B 5) B 6)D 7) C 8) NO

9) (Blank)

Subject 15






elapsed time: 5 min.

hours of sleep: 6

All I really remember is coming out of Barclay (I live in Gummere) and seeing a bunch of people hanging up these signs or flags which were all strung together on a rope which said happy birthday to some friends of theirs; that friend was in a lot of plays - there were pix of her hanging, still from her plays, all of them showed her in bed like an invalid. I thought it may have been the play "Night, Mother." Then we were in the locker room. I wanted to shower because I'd been partying (I think), but I couldn't shower. Then I was in my bathroom in Gummere and for a minute I thought I'd left my shower things at the gym and I was really mad at myself. Then I realized they were right there (I keep them in a bucket) but the bucket was dirty so I cleaned it up.

Addition: I remember thinking how nice it was that the birthday person's friends had done so much for her.

Addition (half hour later): Just remembered that at Gummere, before trying to shower, I sat and talked to a junior who goes here and told him I thought he was arrogant; he defended himself but I said "No, you can't deny it, you're very arrogant."

1) much stress about lacrosse = locker room scene. Live in Gummere, was seeing someone in Barclay but no more.

2) I remember one of my suite mates as being in the dream but the settings were at Haverford - Barclay, Gummere, Gym.

* And the junior.

3) Upset when I thought I'd left the bucket in the gym Does this question mean upon waking was I upset? Not really.

4)b 5)both - a)for first part, b)for second

6)c, mostly annoyance 7)c

8) I was extremely drunk.

9) Leaving my bucket at the gym definitely has to do with lacrosse.



elapsed time: 2 min.

hours of sleep: 8

I was working in a printing company, went to McDonalds for lunch, ordered salad; a man there threw my change into my salad; I was mad and yelled at him - he was threatening. I made my salad.

Then an all-female band is playing by a pool, a Haverford band; and I know them from my dorm; they're great and get a standing ovation. We go back to the dorm and they come to my suite to get my suite mate because they want to go party. I have to much work and can't go. They're all dressed up very colorful. Then one of them comes in and says her dog had puppies and shows me ten puppies, black and white and adorable. We laugh. Then I go up on the roof with another suite mate - I don't remember why - but we're balanced on the top of angle - she's not scared but I want to know how we'll get down. I was scared. End.

Addition: Lots of seafood at salad bar. McDonalds across street from company. There were 10 puppies.

1) Salad bar - I always think I should be on a diet? I have an exam this a.m.

2) 2 of my suite mates (I get along with both of them pretty well); the setting of this.

3) Upset. The man in the McDonalds was very hostile, the roof was scary, I was annoyed that I couldn't go out to party.

4)b 5)a 6)d, fear and happiness 7)c, music/puppies

8) I had to tell two groups of people to shut up; I feel sick (sore throat).

9) Meaning: I don't know. I dream about food often.



time elapsed: 10 min.

hours of sleep: 8

I'm at home and an FBI agent comes to my house. He has to talk to me, he has some questions. I tell him I'll walk with him but not get in a car with him. I have a hard time finding a pair of shoes. My parents are worried but I tell them it's OK. I leave with the FBI man; he's fairly friendly and we talk pretty casually, but I'm trying to let him know that I don't know anything about whatever it is he's asking about. Finally I flat-out ask what he wants to know - he agrees to tell me but either I've forgotten or he can't quite formulate it. We somehow go into a small corner store and someone says Mexico has declared total war on Libya (because of the Rushdie issue, I think) and everyone takes out all of their cash and spends it because they think that Mexico's finances will change and somehow lower the value of their dollars. I go outside with the FBI man and say "My money is in the bank in a regular account; will I be OK?" and he laughs and says I'm broke, but I decide to not worry, to wait and see what happens, and we head for home.

1)I'm going to Florida today with the lax team.

2) I was in my home (my home at home, not my dorm) for a while but when we walked around I didn't recognized my neighborhood.

3) Not really 4)b 5)a 6)c 7)c 8)no

9) I balanced my checkbook right before bed but it was in decent shape. Other than that, no idea.



elapsed time: 2

hours of sleep: 10

My favorite pajama pants got worn through - not sure how - and then there was a parade and every float in the parade was a hall in my dorm; when the parade ended they went into the dorm and had a flea market so I tried to find a new pair of pajama pants but found none I liked.

I also dreamed I had a lacrosse game and I got to the field so early that no one else was there, so I went home and my brother was there so I asked him to drive me back to the game but there was a lot of traffic so we were going to be late. We made it though and it turned out to be a high school team, and we won.

1) I am currently in a hotel with the lax team on spring break and I have my first game today.

2) My brother is my brother(?).

3) Anxious about getting to the game on time.

4)b 5)b 6)d 7)c

8) I am in a hotel sharing a bed with a lax team person.

9) I don't know about the pajama part, but I am sure that the lacrosse part was anxiety about the tournament I have to play in today.



elapsed time: 20 min.

hours of sleep: 7

I see my friend working - we're in New York - he's studying because he wants to go to medical school. He tells me he's going to have a party later that night, it's open. I go and get there at the same time he does (he's late because he was studying for so long). Don't remember the party.

Earlier in the dream there's some kind of contest and contestants are in pairs and the prize is food or punch of some kind - first in competing for the prize, then in giving it out. I don't remember this dream well at all.

1) Still in Florida with lax team, sleeping in hotel, practicing all day.

2) I recognized my friend (a friend from school) and New York (where many of my relatives live, but NOT where I'm from).

3)No 4)b 5)b 6)c 7)c 8)No 9)No idea



elapsed time: 2 min.

hours of sleep: 7-8?

I was at Haverford and my teeth were all falling out. I didn't know what to do and kept trying to put them back in. Then Lisa the trainer came to help me and said I'd need something to ease the pain, said I should get ice cream. I went to get ice cream by myself.

Later everyone had gotten midterm grades in their boxes, but no one wanted to look at them. We all wondered around and there was a huge cake. There were a lot of people there, friends from college and high school, my brother.

Then I'm baby-sitting for some people up my street at home and I decide to leave the little kids with their older sibling for a minute and go home. I see my mother and put on a white old-fashioned sleeping hat. [drawing]. We go back to the baby-sitting house and my employers are home early but are not angry at me. Them I'm in the bookstore still wearing the hat. I'm trying to find a book (can't remember what).

1) Still on lax trip - got a sunburn yesterday.

2) Lisa is someone I associate with my health; my mother is my mother, brother = brother.

3) Scared about teeth falling out.

4)b 5)a,b - both 6)c 7)c, mixed 8)sunburn

9) No idea.



elapsed time: 5 min.

hours of sleep: 6

I'm a camp counselor and we keep leading these mini camping trips but the counselors keep bring along friends of theirs. Then I'm going on a trip and I've brought a friend and my co-counselor has too, so I'm afraid we won't have enough food but my friend assures me that we will.

Then I'm working with this group of 2 other women and 2 men, one of the men I am interested in. We're working together on a project keep spending the right 4 is a bed, just casually, as friends. One night my friend (the man I'm interested in) is assigned to stay at the house of some friends of my parents but he won't let me go with him, nor any of the others. So suddenly he has gone and I can't ever find a decent picture of him, just some of myself when I was thinner. So the remaining 4 of us meet in a professors office to discuss the project; it's a mystery we're trying to solve. But I'm not interested anymore, all I want is to find my friend; instead I keep running into others from the group. Then I become aware that I'll have to write it all down when I wake up. At this point I'm fairly panicked. I see a box of tissues and think "A box of tissues; this has been a recurring image of death in my dreams." Then I'm falling pass windows with one of the other women in the group. I'm not scared that we're falling as much as I'm upset about my friend being gone.

Addition: Whenever I saw the friend he was half naked (in a towel, etc.) and always running off to do something.

Addition: I always dreamt at the very end that I had already started writing the dream down.

1) The man in the dream is whom I was interested is someone in whom I do have romantic interest.

2) Camp situation, I've been a counselor for years. The only character I recognized was this friend in whom I have romantic interest.

3) Yes. Upset with the tissue image; upset when the friend took off without me.

4)b, But sometimes I was out of myself looking in, sometimes not.

5)both 6)b 7)b

8) I talked with this friend for 2 hours right before bed.

9) The friend in the dream is someone I'm very close to who is going abroad all of next year. I think the dream was about him leaving.



elapsed time: 1/2 hr hours of sleep: 1 hr (nap)

I am sitting maybe watching TV when my lax coach comes up to me. She says she has something with which to make sure the team members are wearing the right sized sport bras. She shows me a large plastic breast which is hollow and can be held in the hand like a puppet. The idea is that you put it on top of your own breast and figure out what bra size you should wear. I laugh and tell her that no one on the team will use it, and she laughs and finally agrees. She plays with it as if it were a puppet. Then a good male friend of mine comes over and I ask her to show it to him, knowing he'll find it funny. He does think it's funny and laughs as my coach goofs off with the breast/puppet.

1) I am with the team and coach all the time. ? -> The breast/puppet reminded me of a toy which my good male friend created - a "Nipple-izer" which is half a plastic baseball bat with a baby bottle nipple on the end which we hit each other with - sort of a running joke about who gets the nipple-izer.

2) Coach is significant as my coach; my good male friend is someone I miss a lot.

3) No, amused. 4)b 5)a,b - both 6)c 7)a

8) A lot of suntanning. I was sleeping indoors though.

9) Have been living with coach for 4 days. No idea. Desire to be with friend?

Subject 16






elapsed time: 1 min.

hours of sleep: 8

I was at college (but surroundings different) trying to go into a room where I could watch girls showering. I heard someone coming, and I lay down on a couch. A friend of mine (male) came in, looking upset, and told me that I had lost my grandfather and father's brother. I was confused and asked questions. A few other guys came in and somehow annoyed me and I got really mad and beat them up, one badly (it took a while). I left the room, but my mom came in. She had driven up from home to talk about the deaths, but didn't seem upset. She had flown to Florida earlier in the day to where the accident had happened. They had died in a car accident after waking up with a hangover and trying to drive to the store to get food. My mom and I talked for a while. Once I burst out crying. She was almost happy. She said there was no reason to go home and said something about my brother. We went outside. I did something that annoyed this guy (I won something, like a carnival) and he chased me around a field, but he couldn't catch me. My mom and college friend were still there, but it almost felt like a dream. I had won a balloon, and ran around with it. Then it was announced that there was a grand prize, a huge balloon, and I and the person chasing me ran around after it. There was some fast transition now (balloon got away, or we caught it?). I walked back into a dorm and was talking to someone about graduation. Different times had just been announced, divided by major. Some people were off to graduate right then, but not me since I was probably going to major in Psychology, I said. I went back inside with my mom, and saw that original friend who had informed me about the deaths. He was looking upset and was on his way out, so I said something to him and went inside. There were a bunch of children in this apartment(?), and we were thinking about the deaths. They were explaining how I should deal with it, including going downstairs to get a Coke. I burst out crying once again. I was thinking that if I had to go home, I would get to see my girlfriend. As I went downstairs (to get Coke?), the dream ended. (Finally!).

1) Many things! Guilt about thinking about inheritance when grandfather dies; father's brother (uncle) may represent father, who is dead; girls bathroom: thinking/talking about co-ed bathrooms yesterday; guilty always wanted to go home to see girlfriend; mother (and I) doesn't like grandparents (they are on dad's side); talked about pornography yesterday, and felt guilty that it sometimes "turns me on"; have thought about drinking a lot, but have not drunk anything this year; some worrying about major.

2) It was all at college but most was not recognizable Haverford; the char. who informed me of deaths is a close friend; I think the guy I beat up reminded me of someone I don't like, but it wasn't exactly him; family chars. are all real; family friends and college obviously all important parts of my life.

3) I'm not surprised by any of the guilty feelings (grandfather's death, pornography, seeing girlfriend) but I don't like them, of course. The beating up of that guy was upsetting. The deaths were upsetting in the dream, but not a shock that I was thinking about them.

4)b 5)c, but also a 6)d, but more success

7)b, but some pleasant, like not being caught when chased.

8) No, but thinking about alcohol and sex.

9) I am obviously thinking and feeling guilty about these things (i.e.. grandfather, father, girlfriend, friend at college, death, major, violence?). Since I'm going home soon, maybe I'm thinking about these people, who are all large parts of my life. It just means that there are a lot of things on my mind - serious things, but what else is new?!



elapsed time: 3 min.

hours of sleep: 6

My friend came in as I was getting off the phone. (In my HPA living room). He called my girlfriend on my calling card late at night and I got mad for his charging me for the call. I went in to brush my teeth, but could hear him making fun of me. I came out and grabbed the phone and said, " _, I love you." He was still laughing at me and went back to making fun of me over the phone. I went into my bedroom annoyed. A female in my Custom group came into my room and wanted to know if she and my room-mate could sleep here tonight, but she said it in a round-about way, as would be typical.

1) I have a girlfriend at home whom I call a lot; people make fun of me for it, especially that friend. That girl and my room-mate are a couple and that scene was realistic. I think about my girlfriend a lot and talked to her last night.

2) Setting was my completely intact HPA apartment. Guy making fun of me is a close friend. Girlfriend obviously important to me. I have a good relationship w/ room-mate's girlfriend.

3) I was upset in dream because he was using my calling card, and to a lesser extent that he was calling my girlfriend. I was annoyed that my room-mate's girlfriend was beating around the bush. I'm not surprised that I had this dream.

4)b 5)a 6)b 7)b

8) No, I just called my girlfriend.

9) I was probably thinking about my girlfriend, my friends' making fun of me, and my room-mate's sleeping arrangements - all are somewhat constant issues at least. I can be stingy at times, and often feel guilty about it.



elapsed time: 6 days - sorry!

hours of sleep: 7

I was in my old high school and went up to my ex-girlfriend's locker and enthusiastically said hi to her. She acted somewhat cold (in atypical manner). She had grown about 5 inches and was now taller than I, and I told her that. [I knew I (and she) were no longer in high school].

1) Broke up w/ girlfriend (mutually) at beginning of summer and don't speak to each other much now.

2) Had just visited high school day before dream. Went out w/ girlfriend for 7 mths. Girlfriend had back operation 2 yrs. ago that corrected scoliosos (sp?) and made her a little taller.

3) The fact that she was so tall upset and surprised me.

4)b 5)b 6)b 7)b 8)No

9) I don't know - I do think about this girlfriend at times and it was a bad break-up, since I had been home on break I guess I was in the high school mode.

Subject 57

age 20





10 min. elapsed

7 hour sleep:

In this dream I somehow was responsible for a large wooden object that had wheels crashing into a tower records in London and causing the entire store to sink. The record store was on still over water. The records were stacked in piles one on top of the other. After this happenned, I recall being wanted by the police but it didn't seem to be after me too much. I was with some friends soon after and none of them were too serious about they all laughed.

1) NO idea

2) I have never been to London.

I have never been to Tower Records

I am not positive there is a Tower Records in London

3) I knew while I was dreaming that the dream was crazy

4) B 5) B 6) C 7) C 8) NO

9) Not a clue



15 min elapsed

7 1/2 hour sleep:

The dream takes place at our family's cabin on a lake in up-state New York. I am with both my parents and my grandmother, although I recall being aware why my sister wasn't there. My grandmother had cooked a meal and for some reason I again do not understand, I was not seated at the table but only in a chair next to a wall facing the table. So I had a plate of food on my lap where my grandmother proceeds me to give me another plate. My mother and I exchange questioning glances about why my grandmother made more food than necessary. The conversation then turns to some of my friends who I was at the cabin with some time ago. I must have told my mother that one of my friends went to the concert and had used drugs because she was asking me how he got there. I let him use our boat ( I remember dreaming that the boat I thought was "ours" was actually much newer than our is actully is) My mother asked if he was under the effects of the drugs when driving the boat and I said no- a lie. I managed the conversation to turned to another topic, but she kept coming back to this issue. I think my drug using friend was then in the dream helping me defend my situation. I only recall feeling like I betrayed my parents trust. At the same time I coudn't think of how I would have said no to my friend. After all he had no way of getting to the concert and the lake was very small- he was only crossing a small lake.

All of the sudden I'm down at the lake swimming in our cave when someone points to me that there are two small torpedos like objects steaming through the water towards our beach. I look and only see a turtle or the possible source. Nothing comes of it.

My father is now pitching golf balls a the beach. I see a few friends from high school cheering him on. I tell another college friend that I want to golf with him the next day.

Now I am trying to sun bathe, but the dock seems smaller than usual. As I sit next to someone. She comments that the situation is like an airplane or anywhere where the sects are very close and one feels cramped.

1) This cabin is a favorite place of mine I have been there numerous times w/ my family and a few times w/ my friends. One of my frieds recently returned from a concert and used drugs to which I opposed.

2) I plan to be at this cabin at the end of the semester w/ friends who were in the dream.

3) Upset by the fact that I disobeyed my parents.

4) B 5) B 6) A 7)C 8) NO

9) ( Blank)

# 57


1 min elapsed

7 1/2 hour sleep:

I only had very vague notions of dreaming.

I seem to recall arguing with my father about my attending medical school, but there did not seem to be any resolution to the dream.

1) My father has a thing against doctors and is afraid I might become the type of doctor he dislikes. This is obviously disconcerting to me.

2) (Blank)

3) (Blank)

4) B 5) A 6)C 7) B 8) NO 9) (Blank)



5 min

10 hours of sleep

In this dream I am somewhere in New York City and I must get to a male friend's house in the suburbs. The reason I must get there is because I am going to the airport, and am taking a train from this house. I am very rushed during this dream. After we are both very near the airport, I realize that I don't have my ticket to get home. In the airport I see this area of workers who are scheduling college flights only and the worker are familiar to me as HC students. I ask one what I do if I have forgotten my ticket she tells me that the person who deals with that w/ that is out of town I then go to another counter in a different area of the airport and ask his help. He writes me up an unofficial ticket and suggests that I go to the specific gate when the stewardess might let me on. To get to the gate we must take a shuttle. The shuttle arrives in a very small docking section and everyone must get out of the way of it. Everyone has a good laugh about how unsafe the system is. That is all I remember.

1) ?

2) At the end of the semster I will have to get to the Newark airport from a friends house just outside of NYC. I once lived in it Pete/Tampa, Fl and the Tampa airport has a shuttle but it is completely safe

3) I was worried about missing the plane, but that was about it

4) B 5) A 6) B 7) B 8) NO

9) No, I have never even begun thinking about getting home this semester.

[1]Please note: These are confidential data collected from volunteer subjects at Haverford College. They are to be used only for the assigned Psychology 212h purposes. You may not copy or quote these dreams for other purposes, and no individual mentioned in these records should be named in your discussion. If you have any questions about the use of these data contact Prof. Doug Davis