Re: Can porn file transfer be blocked? [Yes!]


Tue, 18 Oct 94 13:12:46 PDT

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab

Posted to: comp.infosystems.www.misc

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> David Patrick (dmp@patrickd.demon.co.uk) wrote:

> Could governments or Internet access providers actively block

> pornographic images being ftp'd across the Internet? I presume that

> once  a file, consisting of 1's and 0's are on their way across the

> Internet, the data is indistinguishable from "respectable" data. Is

> there no way round this?

Actually I have had tremendous success doing just that.

I use a digital image sampler as a filter for graphics files and have

achieved > 95% success rates in identifying nipples.  Now I am refining

the process to restrict my hits to human subjects (I never knew the

alt.binaries.animal.husbandry.pics newsgroup existed!).

Next recognition goal:  bottoms!