What's Relevant?

By "relevant" I mean those linked pages obviously about Freud, Erikson, etc., about the illustrations developed in class, or about personality psychology. I learned the first time I taught this course on the Web how unlike a traditional document a "hypersyllabus" can be. Like all teachers, I like to imagine students finding the material so fascinating that they wander off the yellow brick road into the enchanted forest of marvels now just a few clicks away on the Web.

You must not, therefore, feel compelled to read everything eventually linked to this HyperSyllabus. Rather, I want you to read all the material directly linked to a lecture date in the syllabus, to at least briefly browse the links bulletted under each day's topic, and perhaps to try out some of the additional resources on the hypertext resource list at the end. Since every link in the WWW is in principle multiply reachable from every other, to try to follow them all would be rather like bicycling to the Gamma Quadrant.

You might try wandering for a quarter of an hour in one of the richly-linked subsets of Web space -- say links.net or kurzweilai or kartoo -- and then let me know how you find the process?

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