Psychology 109g
Doug Davis
Information for the Freud Quiz and Essay

Note: Now that the quiz is graded, both a keyed copy and a graph of the scores on the first part are available.

The first exam is in two parts:

  1. a short closed-book "objective" (multiple-choice and short-answer) quiz that will be distributed in a sealed envelope at the end of class Monday, February 2, 1997. You are to take this quiz home, leave it sealed until you have finished reviewing your class notes and materials, then put away all course materials and open and complete the exam. When you have finished, sign the Honor Code Pledge, return the exam to its envelope, and drop it off in the book outside the Psychology Secretary's door (Sharpless 321) some time before noon on Tuesday, February 2.
  2. A short essay, consisting of your own short addendum to Freud's interpretation of his dream of dissecting his own pelvis. I discuss this dream briefly in my notes on The Interpretation of Dreams. Freud presents and discusses this dream in Chapter 6, Section G of The Interpretation of Dreams, where it is Example 7 (load the page and use Edit, Find or <ctrl-f> to find "the elder brucke"). There seem to me to be several ways you could approach this assignment. You may:

In preparing for this quiz/exam, it will probably help to look over the linked page of sample Freud questions. You will also want to consult my glossary of Freud terms and concepts, to have another look at the Web resources by Stevenson and by Spencer, to read Freud's own Encyclopedia Britannica Essay, and perhaps to attend one of the discussion/review sessions.

If you cannot attend class Monday, arrange to pick the quiz up before or after class. If you believe you will be unable to complete this exam on time, please contact me or your dean immediately.