Psychology 109g
Spring, 1999
Quiz 1

A copy of the quiz with attached answer key is linked here.

The distribution of scores on this 35 point quiz is represented in the chart.

The median (midpoint) of the 101 scores is 23.5.

Q3, the point above which a quarter of the scores fall, is 25.5.

Q1, the point below which a quarter of the scores fall, is 20.5.

Since the Psychology Department curves Intro Psych grades around a median in the 3.0-3.3 range, scores above Q3 would be in the A (4.0, 3.7) range.

If you are concerned about the grading or content of this quiz, or if you scored below 18 points, please communicate with me.

This quiz will be only about 15% of your grade, which will include two more quizzes and at least two short pieces of writing.