Psychology 109h
Foundations of Personality
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Spring, 2000

Doug Davis
Department of Psychology
Haverford College
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Man has, as it were, become a kind of prosthetic god. When he puts on all his auxiliary organs he is truly magnificent; but those organs hare not grown on to him and they still give him much trouble at times.
Sigmund Freud, Civilization and Its Discontents

New links, revised assignments, and corrections are noted at the end of this document.

This hypertextual document will provide you with a variety of local and Internet course resources in an easily-accessible way. It should be used in preference to paper wherever possible. As you get comfortable with it, you might

  • recall a set of lecture notes from your dorm room at 3:00 AM
  • engage in a discussion
    ("Can some of Freud's theories be read as feminist texts?"
    "Is genetic endowment the best predictor of success in the USA?")
    with me and classmates on the class discussion group, the night before class
  • read assigments onscreen, bookmark interesting sections, record your notes on your personal system, and even
  • develop a Web presence of your own.

First I'll acquaint you with the World Wide Web, a user-friendly subset of the Internet. This document also contains pointers to other Psychology resources on the Net. To get the most from the HyperSyllabus, you should acquire Web resources appropriate to your situation (Mac/Wintel, direct dorm or dial-in connection). Some geek skills are now essential, and I'll help you acquire these.

Please open this HyperSyllabus at least once before each class, click on unexplored links to the day's lecture topic, and read the relevant materials. I welcome your reactions and suggestions, which may be communicated to me verbally (it's still a good way to get to know people), posted to the class discussion group on Web Forum, or sent as electronic mail to Part of your grade will depend on regular participation in on- about the course material with me and to explore issues raised by the reading, and I will host review sessions in Sharpless 322 before quizzes. You can also learn a lot from the course assistants: Ellie Brown, Mike Oswalt, and Lawren Young.

Egos, Stages

Week 1

M March 13 Overview: Civilization and Its Discontents (Gay, 722-772)

W March 15 The Freudian Slip: Exoriare aliquis ex ossibus nostris (Gay, xiii-xxix)

·        The lecture

F March 17 Dr. Freud's Screen Memory (Gay,117-126)

·        The lecture

Week 2

M March 20 Seduction and Its Discontents (Gay, 96-116): "Dora" (10 pp.) (Gay 173-239)

W March 22 The Dream Book: and Self-Analysis

·        Shadowlands” is shown at 7:30, Hilles 109

Th March 23 7:30 p.m. lecture (Stokes Auditorium, required): Prof. Madelon Sprengnether, U. Minnesota will discuss the film “Shadowlands

F March 24 Irma’s injection (Gay 129-142) (guest appearance by Prof. Sprengnether)

·        Freud, Emma, Fliess: the rest of the story? (Download version)

·        The lecture

Week 3

M March 27 Freudian Gender (Gay, 264-279, 628-666, 670-678)

W March 29 Psychoanalysis (4 pp.) and Its Discontents

Th March 30 4:00-5:30 Discussion/review session, Sharpless 322

·        The recording

F March 31 Freud and Jung: Intro'/Extraversion, Anima/Animus

Week 4

M April 3 Psychopathology, Style

W April 5 In-class Quiz on Freud and Jung

F April 7 Erik-son's Stages, Circles and Arrows (Erikson, Chapters 1-2, 5)

M April 10 Epigenesis: "Wild Strawberries"

  • The beginning of the 90-minute film is shown (copy on reserve)

W April 12 Erikson: Ethnicity: Germans and Americans (Erikson 209-358)

·        “Wild Strawberries” showing/discussion, 7-9 p.m., DC 003

F April 14 Identity and Beyond (Erikson 403-424)

Week 6

M April 17 Man's Place, Woman's Voice: Isak's Stages, Justice and Care

·        Gilligan. The conquistador and the dark continent

W April 19 Chodorow, Gilligan (teaching Shakespeare's sister)

F April 21 Kohlberg: Stages and Dilemmas, Kohlberg & Gilligan (1972). The adolescent as a philosopher

Week 7

M April 24 Assessment: “Personality” and “Intelligence”

W April 26 Persons in CyberSpace

F April 29 In-class Quiz

The Essay Final


  • Erikson, E.H. (1950/1963). Childhood and society. New York: Norton.
  • Gay, P. (Ed.) (1989). The Freud reader. New York: Norton.

Suggested Readings and On-line Resources

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Psych 109g: Notes, Updates, Breaking Stories

7/19/00: Check out the Library’s Ereserve for this course. The password is “personality,” and the reserve is only available from within the tri-co Internet domain. You’ll need Adobe’s PDF viewer and Javascript for this to work.

4/17:00: The Essay Final is now available.

3/31/00: I’ve rescheduled the first exam from Monday to next Wednesday, April 5. It will cover content through today’s assignment and lecture. I’ll be posting advice for the anxiously-preparing this weekend.

3/17/00: Today’s lecture is now on the Haverford streaming server. It should start playing on your computer a few seconds after you click that link. If you have an older system you may need to install the RealMedia player. Let me know if you’re having trouble.

3/15/00: Prosthetic gods?

I'll be making an announcement in class about credit for participation in Psychology Department experiments. There is a Departmental expectation of two hours per semester participation in projects being run by Psych faculty and majors. You receive credit for this as part of your Psych 108e and 109h grades. Details are in the Departmental Web link Participating in Psychological Experiments.

The Psych 109g Film Series
The Internet Movie Database

·         Shadowlands (Magill reserve)

·         Freud: A Life: Episode 3: "The Secret of Dreams" (Magill reserve) (An excerpt in RealPlayer format)

·         My So-Called Life: Six Episodes [v. 1] Dancing in the dark; Guns and gossip -- [v. 2] Father figures; The zit -- [v. 3] Pilot ; So-called Angel (Magill reserve)

·         Wild Strawberries (Magill reserve)

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