Psychology 105g
Spring, 2004
Short Essay Topics

Each of these topics (and others I will post as the course concludes) seems to me suitable for brief but careful comment. As detailed in the Blackboard forum for this course, you are required to post there two essays of no more than 600 words each by the last day of class (March 5).  Your grades on these will determine one-quarter of your course grade. My hope is that you will give these topics careful thought, perhaps reviewing your reading notes and parts of the recorded lectures. You are to answer each question based on materials from this course and not on recourse to the Internet or the Library. Include in your posting (I won’t count this toward the word count) the URLs of course materials you used in preparing you essay, and mention any other students’ postings or conversations you’ve had with them about the topic. You may email me drafts of answers you’re thinking of posting, and I’ll tell you whether I think it’s in the “A,” “B,” or “C” range. I also encourage you to attend the weekly study sessions with Page ( and Emily (, and to discuss these questions there.

Here are the questions to date [2/23/04]:

See the Blackboard forum for more details and for already-submitted student work.