Psychology 105g
Foundations of Personality
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Spring, 2004

Doug Davis
Department of Psychology
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"It is human to have a long childhood; it is civilized to have an even longer childhood. Long childhood makes a technical and mental virtuoso out of man, but it also leaves a life-long residue of emotional immaturity in him." Erik Homburger Erikson (1902-1994)

This hypertextual document will provide you with a variety of local and Internet course resources in an easily-accessible way. It should be used in preference to paper wherever possible. As you get comfortable with it, you might

Please open this HyperSyllabus at least once before each class, click on unexplored links to the day's lecture topic, and read the relevant materials: links, articles and page references to books listed beside the day's date are required, those bulletted below it are suggested. I welcome your reactions and suggestions, which may be communicated to me verbally (it's still a good way to get to know people), posted to the class discussion group on Blackboard (see the "Students Guide to Blackboard Basics" for login instructions), or sent as electronic mail to The Web discussion will be used to answer questinos and to explore issues raised by the reading, and I will invite you to post two short writing assigments there. I plan in addition three quizzes to encourage you to keep up with the reading and lecture material. Lectures (available to the campus community) will be recorded and linked to this syllabus. The teaching assistants for this course, Emily Purchia ( and Page Widick ( will be hosting a weekly review and study group. This will usually occur Sunday evenings, 7-8 PM, in Sharpless 412. I urge you to attend this sessions, and to address questions about the reading and lectures to Page and Emily as well as to me. I will hold weekly office hours (annouced by email to the class), and I'm eager to meet with you at other times scheduled by email.

Participating in Psychological Experiments

Note that there is a Psychology Department policy concerning Participating in Psychological Experiments as part of each semester in Intro Psych. Credit for participation becomes part of the grade for the second half-semester course each term, i.e., Psychology 106h this semester. Please sign on to the Psychology Department's Experimetrix page to participate in these sponsored research projects. My colleagues' research assistants will sometimes appear in class to invite you to sign up for research pariticipation.

Course Schedule
Week 1

M January 19 Overview: Meet Dr. Freud (Gay, xiii-xxix)

W January 21 Irma’s injection (Gay 129-142), the Dream Book

  • The lecture
  • Freud, Emma, Fliess: the rest of the story? (Download version)
  • F January 23 Freudian Slips (Exoriare aliquis ex ossibus nostris) and Screens (Gay,117-126)

    Week 2

    M January 26 Seduction and neurotic etiology (Gay, 96-116)

    W January 28 "Dora" (10 pp.) (Gay 173-239)

    F January 30 Finishing "Dora"

    Week 3

    M February 2 In-class Review for a Freud Quiz ("Irma" to "Oedipus")

    W February 4 In-class quiz on Freud

    F February 6 Psychosexual development, gender (Gay, 628-666, 670-678)

    Week 4

    M February 9 Freud and Jung: Intro'/Extraversion, Anima/Animus

    W February 11 Egos and defenses (Access readings below through Blackboard)

    F February 13 Ego Psychology: Erik-son's Stages (Erikson, Chapters 1-2) Circles and Arrows (Erikson, Chapter 5)

  • The lecture
  • Week 5

    M February 16 Erikson: Ethnicity: Germans and Americans (Erikson, Chapter 8)

    W February 18 Identity and Beyond (Erikson 403-424) Epigenesis: "Wild Strawberries": Erikson's tour de force recounting of the film

    F February 20 Man's Place; Isak's Stages, Justice and Care, Gilligan. The conquistador and the dark continent

    M February 23 Chodorow and Gilligan (In a Different Voice, Chapters 1-2)

    W February 25 Kohlberg: Stages and Dilemmas, Kohlberg & Gilligan (1972). The adolescent as a philosopher. "Jake" and "Amy"

    F February 27 Gilligan's legacy (In a Different Voice, Chapters 3-6)

    Week 7

    M March 1 Personality and Culture: Davis & Davis (1989). Formal thought in Morocco

    W March 3 Persons in CyberSpace

    F March 5 Final


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