The Foundations of Personality BlackBoard Discussion and
Your Grade in the Course

Although the main benefit of participating in the course newsgroup should be the intellectual pleasure of sharing ideas with peers who are doing the same reading, I think learning from each otherís reactions to the readings and class sessions is at least as important as an exam. Therefore, 15% of your grade (enough to change most folksí grade from ďB-Ē to ďB+,Ē say) will be based on your use of the Web Forum, using the following point system for each posting:

The maximum points available through posting will be 15 of 100 total, all of which must be earned before the last day of class (3/7/03), since I want this discussion to be helpful to everyone. Although my examples above stick close to the content of the reading, Iím also looking for interesting and original use of the course concepts to understand issues in our own society, e.g., the relevance of Freudís argument in Civilization and Its Discontents to the fascination of todayís youth with computer games.