i have mixed feelings about this aspect of the muslim tradition. there were a few muslim women in my high school that wore veils, and i thought that it was really wonderful, because they didn't care what people thought about it. that was their belief, and they were willing to pay any cost in order to obey the tenets of their faith. now, as i am more aware of the implications of it all, i'm not sure i feel so great about it. to me, it represents the old fear of female sexuality. it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. perhaps i am totally misinterpreting all of the implications, but i feel uncomfortable about the whole situation. any double standard just rubs me the wrong way, really. and i'd hate to think that the muslim woman's place is in the home, and that she should to defer to her husband no matter what, or that she should have to have a husband at all. it just seems like a leash in a lot of ways, and that doesn't sit well with my liberated self. i have always said that i'm not a "feminist". perhaps i have been wrong?

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