The psycho-pharmacology of the summer of '95: Freud-Fliess 12 June, 1895 (reporting Mrs. R.'s nasal case, Midas ref):
You are right that I am overflowing with new ideas, theoretical ones as well. My theories on defense have made an important advance of which I shall give you an account next time [?]. Even the psychological construction behaves as if it would come together, which gives me immense pleasure. Reporting on it now would be like sending a six-month fetus of a girl to a ball.. ...
I am feeling I to IIa. I need a lot of cocaine. Also, I have started smoking again, moderately, in the last two to three weeks, since the nasal conviction [that his cardiac symptoms were of nasal origin, Masson suggests] has become evident to me. I have not observed any ensuing disadvantage. If you again prohibit it, I must give it up again. But do consider whether you can do this if it is only intolerance and not etiology.
I began it again because I constantly missed it (after fourteen months of abstinence) and because I must treat this psychic fellow [kerl] well or he won't work for me. I demand a great deal of him. The torment, most of the time, is superhuman. (Masson, 1985, pp. 131-132).
Freud thought a lot in the '90s about male and female fertility.