Haverford Faculty Seminar in the Humanities for 1998-99
Displacement, Memory, and Cultural Consciousness

Kim Benston
Doug Davis
David Dawson
Steve Finley
Maris Gillette
Paul Jefferson
Michael Sells
Debora Sherman
Kathleen Wright
Tina Zwarg


September 11
Kathleen's and Kim's suggestions
Kim's notes
September 18
Tina's "Readings in the Service of Our Memory
October 16: Traumatic Awakenings: Repetition and Departure
Tina's "The Possibility of History; the Ethical Turn; and the Crisis of Truth"
October 23: Technologies/Slippages of Memory and transmission
Tina's "What Does Seduction Have to Do with Memory -- or, What's Love Got to Do With It?"
Doug's "Wolf Man" notes, other Freudiana
November 6
Kim's notes
November 13
Deborah's suggestions
December 11
Maris's suggestions
December 18
Questions for Unit 4, 2nd Discussion (Kim)
January 29: Proust1
Deborah's suggestions
Doug's on-line resources

February 5: Proust2

Kim: Déjà lu all over again, or Remembrance of Things Post
Notes from Tina’s Journal
April 9: Shoah1
Kim's Unit 7 Questions
April 16: Shoah2
Tina's "Responsibility and Hope"
Kim's Final Unit Ideas
Doug's Celan reflections

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