Erotic Computing

EC 3.2 (1-27-95)

by Douglas Davis, Ph.D.

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Is the staid academic world of the 162-year-old liberal arts college ready for the Web? Haverford College is bringing up a WWW server, and while it's not yet deemed ready for Net prime-time, I have today launched 50-some students of my half-semester intro course Foundations of Personality with a "HyperSyllabus" linking HTML versions of my notes, Net resources on Psychology, pointers to the class newsgroup, and various enticements into cyberspace. Here's the exportable part of the first week of Haverford Psychology 109g.

Help me with this project, readers. Who's doing something similar? What's the least painful way to get Word documents into HTML? What linked forms would work best? Can/should such a project be user friendly/gender neutral/politically correct?

Will Newt approve?

Will Al?

Next week: the fragile part-object.

Douglas Davis, Ph.D. <>

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