Douglas A. Davis

Curriculum Vita

Permanent address:

791 College Ave. #2
Haverford, PA 19041
(610) 610 649 7717

Summer address:

32301 Chiarella Drive
Breezy Point, MN 56472
(218) 562 4904



d2 Blogs: Memex Al-Musharaka Teaching Notes


·         1981 - 1983: Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Anthropology, Harvard University: Harvard Adolescence Project

·         1974 Ph.D., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor: Personality Psychology

·         1966 B.A., University of Minnesota, Minneapolis: Psychology

Occupational History

·         2006-present Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Haverford College

·         2002-2006 Benjamin Collins Professor of Social Sciences, Haverford College

·         1972-2006 Department of Psychology, Haverford College
Courses taught:

·         Foundations of Personality

·         Adolescence

·         Adolescence lab

·         Theories of Personality

·         1972 Trainee Development Officer, U.S. Peace Corps Training (India)

·         1971 Cross-Cultural Coordinator, U.S. Peace Corps Training (Morocco)

·         1967-1970 Teaching Fellow, University of Michigan

Professional Activities

·         Haverford College: Assistant to the Provost for Information Technology (2000-01), member of Haverford “CIO” group

·         Haverford College: Faculty Seminar in the Humanities (1998-99): Trauma, Displacement, Memory

·         Middle East Studies Association: Chair, Committee on Electronic Communications

·         National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education (NITLE): Director, Al Musharaka: A Collaborative for Teaching and Research in Islam, the Middle East, and Arab Culture. Arab Culture and Civilization site.

·         Philadelphia Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology: Organizer and Chair of Freud Study Group

·         PSYCOLOQUY, a refereed electronic journal sponsored by the American Psychological Association: Personality Psychology member, editorial board

·         Society for Cross-Cultural Research. Past President and Program Chair (1995)

·         Webster's Weekly, a World Wide Web features magazine: Author of "Erotic Computing," a column on sex and gender issues in personal computer and Internet use


·         Advice to Honor Council (April 18, 2001).

·         Isaac Sharpless and the Psychology 109 HyperSyllabus (Rufus Jones Newsletter, 2000.)

Internet/Computer Consulting Activities, Talks, and Web-pages

·         March-April, 2008: A series of talks to youth in Morocco on “Blogs and the US Election,” sponsored by the Public Affaris Office of the US Embassy, Rabat, Morocco

·         February, 2005: Madrasa, Satellite, Cyber: New Media and the Negotiation of Muslim Values. Mershon Center. Ohio State University. Columbus

·         October, 2002: Freud and CyberCulture: Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games as a Social Laboratory. Paper presented at the Workshop on Cultural Impact on Technology Development in European and Islamic Countries. Al Akawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco. October 28-30

·         February, 2001: Information Technology and a Haverford College Education: presentation to the Educational Affairs Committee of the Board of Managers

·         April, 2000: Sidi ROM: Coming of Age in the Time of the Internet. University of Washington, Seattle

·         1999: Haverford College: award for technological innovation in teaching:

·         1998: Pennsyvania Humanities Council: Commonwealth Speaker

·         Coming of Age in the Global Media Culture

·         Classrooms in Cyberspace: The Coming Revolution in Education

·         April 16, 1998: Panelist: "Seeing Ourselves: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow." Berks Community Television, Reading, PA

·         September 18/October 2, 1997: Quadrangle and the Net. A lecture demo for a retirment community

·         November 15, 1996: Morocco and the Web. Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, Georgetown University

·         May, 1996: Bringing the Networked Future to Morocco: An Interim Report. Report on Morocco Fulbright Project

·         October, 1995- May, 1996: Moroccan-American Commission (Fulbright) grant, Bringing the Networked Future to Morocco. Sponsored seminars and lectures.

·         May, 1995: Invited participant, workshop leader, Ecunet 95: Ministry in Cyberspace: Baltimore MD.

·         May, 1994: World Wide Web layout and hypertext markup language for Marrakesh Express, an online Moroccan textile gallery and shop.

·         1994: Invited participant in international conference, "Les Premières Journées Internet au Maroc," Rabat, October 17-19.

·         1994: Friends School Haverford: Chair of committee to design and implement networked computer learning center with $150000 grant from Pew Charitable Trust

·         1992: World Bank: Statistical analysis of data for Ziz-Tafilalet (Morocco) water-use project

·         1987: National Institute for Statistics and Applied Economics (INSEA), Rabat, Morocco: seminar on DOS-based spreadsheet resources

·         1983: EDUCOM Consulting Group: Social science member of consulting team to Trinity College, Hartford, CT

·         1982: USAID (Rabat, Morocco): Ministry of Health: Installation and training for Apple II-based statistical system

Selected Papers and Publications

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