This led me to a memory form my secondary school. Our headmaster once called together the boys from the higher forms and handed over the school's herbarium to them to be cleaned. Some small worms -- bookworms -- had found their way into it. He does not seem to have had very much confidence in my helpfulness, for he handed me only a few sheets. These, as I could still recall, included some Crucifers. I never had a specially intimate contact with botany. In my preliminary examination in botany I was also given a Crucifer to identify -- and failed to do so. My prospects would not have been too bright, if I had not been helped out by my theoretical knowledge. I went on from the Cruciferae to the Compositae. It occurred to me that artichokes were Compositae, and indeed I might have called them my favorite flowers. Being more generous than I am, my wife often brought me back these favorite flowers of mine from the market.
(Freud, 1900, pb. 204)