The folded-in coloured plate: When I was a medical student I suffered a great deal from the desire to learn only from monographs. Despite my limited means I possessed runs of several medical journals whose coloured plates were my delight. I was proud of this inclination to thoroughness. When I myself began to publish I had to draw the plates for the treatises myself, and I know that one of them came out so poorly that a well-disposed colleague laughed at me on account of it. On top of that, I do not know why, a memory comes to me from my very early years. My father once amused himself by handing over a book with coloured plates (an account of travels to Persia) to me and my eldest sister for us to destroy. Hardly justifiable as a way of educating the young.
(Freud, 1900, p. 131 [Joyce Crick translation])