The author of this most-condensed of all Freud's reported dreams and the struggling writer of the book he would call "the dream" (Masson, 1985, p. 339) are in apposition here.

Anzieu (1975/1986, p. 278) puts the date of this dream as March 8, 9, or 10, 1898, when Freud was completing the "first version" of The Interpretation of Dreams, a conclusion supported by Freud's comment in a March 10 letter to Fliess (Masson, 1985, p. 301). Freud (b. May, 1856) was therefore 42 years old, the father of six children. Anna, the youngest -- who had been conceived along with this work in 1895 -- was slighly over two.

Freud's many associations to the dream are explicated in Grinstein (1980), Ch. 2. The dream also receives a paricularly full discussion in Chapter 12 ("Freud's 'Botanical Monograph': A Specimen Dream Analysis") of Foulkes (1978).

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