Words by William Greene


A trio of distinguished gentlemen are we

Respectively from Wall Street, Harvard, MIT.

We knew the nation wanted action

And so we gave it satisfaction

 Now let me tell you just exactly how it came to be.


Franklin sat before his desk

While yet the Dutch held Java.

        Franklin called in Jesse Jones

        And held a short palaver.

But that was all that Jesse did

For Jesse passed the buck

        And Franklin had at last to call

               On Conant


               and Baruch.


Jesse had his R.F.C.

And fifteen thousand clerks,

        But all they piled was paper up

        So Jesse got the works.

Oh, Nelson took the project on

While Japs took over Dutch

        But finally they had to call

               On Conant


               and Baruch.


Nelson got behind the ball

And gave a portly shove

        But nobody hit really hard

        And Nippon won at love.

Oh Nippon whistled in its teeth

And Franklin had to poosh,

        So at the end he came to us

               On Conant


               and Baruch.


No one gave us any name The alphabet was finished

The hostelries were all filled up

And office space diminished.

Oh, no one fired off guns for us

And not a hand was shook, --

       A bench was all they had to give

               On Conant


               and Baruch.


Standard Oil had formulae

And farmers had a bloc;

The Congress had elections up,-

We took -- and gave -- the shock.

The nation will remember us

By every ration book:

Oh, every driver now will damn

               J. B. Conant

        K. T. Compton

               B. Baruch.