Katie Baratz and Charles Collett

In My Mind I've Got Physics Equations (Tune: In My Mind I'm Goin' to Carolina", by James Taylor)

Recording: mp3 (Voices: Katie Baratz and Charles Collette; Mandolin: Charles Collete; Recording Engineer: Walter F. Smith)


In my mind I've got physics equations,
Faraday and Ampère tell you how to be where.
Governing the world we live in: this is why I care, and have
Physics equations in my mind.

Force that's due to electric field
Is kqq over r squared,
Which also equals q times E.
And Voltage equals U over the
Test charge; Now I've
Got physics equations in my mind.

Now V's the minus integral
Of E dot dl from A to B,
And E equals minus del V.
But voltage superposes and is kq over r;
I've got physics equations in my mind.


E dot n-hat times dA is
What we call electric flux.
Q over epsilon-naught as well.
But for flux due to a magnet just use B instead
I've got physics equations in my mind.

And the EMF is just the time derivative
Of magnetic flux times minus one.
And the magnetic force is qv crossed with B . . .
But no monopoles . . .
So I've got physics equations in my mind!

(refrain) x2



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