“PHYSICS WONDERLAND” (sung to “Winter Wonderland")
by Brendan Holland, Washington-Lee HS, 1990

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Steel balls drop, they're in motion, why they fall, not a notion.
But thanks to New-ton, its all lots of fun, learning in a physics wonderland.
Gone away is the Chem-stry, here to stay is the mys-try.
Dynamics at play, the knowledge will stay, learning in a physics wonderland.

In the labroom we will build with LEGO, making cars that run by grav-i-ty.
Accelerating masses, we can time them, and find their vert-i-cal vel-oc-ity.

Later on, we will rewrite, to keep our grades from dropping outta sight.
To face unafraid the grades that we made, learning in a physics wonderland!!


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