“GOD REST YE MERRY PHYSICIST” (sung to “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”)

by the physics students of Frankfurt American High School, Frankfurt Germany, 1978


God rest ye merry phys-i-cist, let nothing you dismay,

Our brand new physics books we have received this very day.

To save us all from grief and pain that comes next testing day,


REFRAIN: Ohhhh, pages of graphs and nodal lines, nodal lines,

Ohhh pages of graphs and nodal lines.


The onslaught of our physics test is terrible to hear,

But armed with our new physics book we’ve nothing more to fear.

The vector graphs that horrified now to our hearts are dear,




The wonders and the mys-ter-ies of light we never knew,

The wave form needs a med-i-um, the particle model’s through.

Diffraction and refraction and diffuse reflection, too,



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