Program for The "All Star Revue", by Prof. Kevin Krisciunas
The Hilo All Star Revue
Nov 20, 1987
University of Hawaii, Hilo
produced and directed by Kevin Krisciunas
choreography by Carolyn Smith
piano accompanist - Bernaldo Evangelista

Video Part One

"The Galaxy Song"
from the film 'The Meaning of Life' by Monty Python
vocals - Kevin Krisciunas

Slide show on the Big Bang and stellar evolution
by Kevin Krisciunas

Video Part Two

"The Light-Years"
from the short story by Italo Calvino
starring - Jackie Debus, Janet Carpenter, Jackie Frink,
Martha Hines, Leilani King, and Mara Mayo
narrator - Kevin Krisciunas

"Variations on Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"
by W. A. Mozart
piano - Bernaldo Evangelista

"Stellar metamorphoses" - a modern dance conception of the life and
death of 3 stars
'The red giant star' - Carolyn Smith
'The white dwarf star' - Meera Grove
'The supergiant, pulsar, and black hole' - Earnest Morgan and
Wendy Thomas-Miyamoto
music composed and orchestrated by Jerry Yester


Video Part Two (ctd)
"Give me a supernova"
music by George M. Cohan
lyrics and vocals - Kevin Krisciunas
tap dancer - Carole La Rochelle

"Starwalker story" - a science fiction story created for jazz dance by
Carolyn Smith
'The space gypsies' by Meera Grove
dancers - Sami Akuna, Ian Campbell, Meera Grove, Martha Hines,
Kristina Karger, Mary Kelly, Leilani King, Carolyn Smith

"The stars go nova"
lyrics by David Bigelow and Peter Jedicke
vocals - Dante Carpenter, Jr., Kevin Krisciunas, Earnest Morgan

"The constellation song"
music by Sir Arthur Sullivan
lyrics and vocals - Kevin Krisciunas

"The universe"
music by Sir Arthur Sullivan
lyrics - Kevin Krisciunas
vocals - Dante Carpenter, Jr., Kevin Krisciunas, Earnest Morgan

"The All Star Finale"
music by Marvin Hamlisch
lyrics by Kevin Krisciunas
members of the All Star Chorus, the UHH dance ensemble, with Brian
Unger as 'The supernova'
music arranged by Jerry Yester


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