Rock 'n Roll Physics Sing-Along
at the March Meeting of the
American Physical Society!

Come sing physics lyrics set to familiar tunes, or just listen!

APS web page for this event

Free admission and refreshments! (Convention registration not required.)

Special performer: Prof. Laura Greene singing her physics songs

Pictured band members: Emmy Noether, James Clerk Maxwell, Paul Dirac, Satyendra Bose.  (Actual band members may vary.)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013, 9:00 pm
 Peale Room, Hilton Baltimore Hotel  
(near Convention Center)

Host: Prof. Walter Smith
Live Rock Band: 95 Blues Berry Way,
featuring Prof. Victor Yakovenko
Special performer: Prof. Laura Greene

Printable poster: help promote the event!

Images and video from the 2008 sing-along::


Anticipated songs that we'll sing this year:

Physics lyrics


Da Doo Ron Ron, by the Crystals
Nano Nano: Lyrics and chords Louie, Louie, made famous by the Kingsmen
Cocaine, by Eric Clapton
Ground Loop Blues: sheet music of melody .. lyrics and chords Original tune by Marian McKenziie
I Got Funding: Lyrics and chords I Got Rhythm, by George & Ira Gershwin
Turn the Page: Lyrics and chords Turn the Page, by Bob Seger
Speed of light (lyrics and chords) Lemon Tree, by Peter, Paul, and Mary
With My Contacts Shorted Out (lyrics and chords) I Saw Her Standin' There, by the Beatles
Complex Z (lyrics and chords) Let It Be, by the Beatles
Data Dips and Peaks: Lyrics and chords
Dancing Cheek to Cheek, by Irving Berlin
St. James Infirmary, by Louis Armstrong
The Joker, by Steve Miller Band

N-A-N-O Nano (lyrics and chords)

Lola, by the Kinks

Material Girl, by Madonna