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Please come to the Physics Rock 'n Roll Sing-Along at the March Meeting of the
American Physical Society, sponsored by the APS.

Sing funny physics words set to familiar tunes, or dance along, or just listen! The most fun you'll have at the March Meeting!

Wednesday, March 7, 9 pm
Platinum Ballroom of the J.W. Marriott Hotel, Los Angeles

Featuring a special performance by singer/comedian Gia Mora, star of the show "Einstein's Girl"

Here's a video from a previous sing-along:

Why Physics Songs? .. Ways to use songs in courses

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Chapter-by-chapter suggestions
for songs to use in classes.

Songs by Prof. Walter Smith & Marian McKenzie

Songs from 1947 and from 1985 by Prof. Arthur Roberts

The Physical Revue, by Tom Lehrer

Songs by Dr. James Livingston of MIT

Two Musical Shows (with video) by Prof. Kevin Krisciunas

Songs sung by the Cavendish Society in the early 1900's


Holiday party singalong sheet
Seven of my favorite physics carols, in printer-friendly format


Song list for 2006 APS-sponsored Physics Sing-along
Lyrics & video clips from 2007 APS-sponsored Sing-along

Check out this great cover of "Why Does the Sun Shine?" performed by John Leibler

When You're a Ket by Prof. Paul Halpern
Dark as a Dungeon - 2002 Davis/SNO version
(with video clip) by Dr. Don Geesaman,
Director of the Physics Division, Argonne National Lab
Rigid Body Sings by James Clerk Maxwell
Ions Mine by Sir J. J. Thomson
I Got Physics by William Phillian
Songs (with recordings) by the students of Walter Smith  
Stuck in an Infinite Loop,
by Prof. J. D. Dougherty
(with recording)

Songs (with recordings!) by Ian Hartman:
I Walk the Incline and The Newton Boogie,

Physics Carols by the students of Ron Revere
Twinkle, Twinkle, Now I Know by Pietro Calogero
"Hyperbolic Orbit" by Benjamin Newman
Sun's Rap Song by Mary Hogan and Wei Lee
Newton Rap (with recording) by Matthew Guberman-pfeffer

Free Body Diagram, by Prof. Elizabeth Berman & Friends

Winner of the "NanoTube" contest sponsored by the American Chemical Society:
The Nano Song, by Patrick Bennett, David Carlton, Molly Felz, Nola Klemfuss, Glory Liu, Ryan Miyakawa, Stacey Wallace, and Angelica Zen of the University of California at Berkeley:

The Nano Song from nanomonster on Vimeo.  
(To see the video in higher resolution, mouse over it, then click on the "HD" icon.)

The Particle Physics Song, lyrics by Danuta Orlowska, performed by the CERN Choir in the CERN Control Center! (Tune: "The Bold Hippopotamus" by Flanders and Swann) 

Video interview with the author, Danuta Orlowska!

Celebrate this year's Nobel Prize with
Graphene -- The Musical!

Prof. Paul Neitzel, Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Tech -- Vocals, bass line & electronic percussion
Mike Duffee -- Guitars

Conceived & recorded for Inside the Black Box
Profs. Bill Hunt & Pete Ludovice, Georgia Tech
WREK Radio, Georgia Tech
Bogoliubov! (To the tune of "Oklahoma!"), by Prof. Philip Taylor
Supercalifragicsuperluminalneutrinos! , by Prof. Philip Taylor
Our Universe, by Prof. Francis P. Wilkin
Lyrics (PDF)
"Glad Gliese" © by Kathleen Martin: mp3 .. lyrics
(tune: "Sad Lisa", by Cat Stevens)
In 2010, astronomers announced the discovery of the planet Gliese 581g, which may have all the conditions needed for life. It has a mass three times that of Earth, and orbits a red dwarf star about 22 light years away. This beautiful song lays out some of the basic facts, and dreams about the possibility of humanity colonizing the planet.

Image by Lynnette Cook

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