Physics H413A


Semester:  Fall 05, Spring 06


Department:  Physics                                         

Cross Listed:         

Number:        413A/B                                                                             


Division:        NA                                               

Title:    Research in Biophysics and Condensed Matter Physics

Instructor(s):       Suzanne Amador Kane

Description:  Experimental research on the functionality and the statistical mechanics of biophysical systems. Current experiments include construction of bionanostructures using self-assembly, atomic force microscopy and laser tweezer force measurements of biopolymers, polymer chain statistics of artificial proteins, quartz crystal microbalance biosensors and computational studies of artificial evolution.

Prerequisites:  Consent of the instructor. Advanced Laboratory experience preferred

Who should take (or might benefit from) this course?:
Junior or senior physics, chemistry or biology majors, in particular biophysics or biochemistry concentrators.