Physics H412A


Department:  Physics                                         

Cross Listed:         

Number:        412A/B                                                                             


Division:        NA                                               

Title:    Research in Theoretical and Computational Physics

Instructor(s):       Peter Love

Description:  Theoretical and computational research in quantum information, and in classical discrete models such as lattice gases.

Current research in quantum information includes exploring the potential for future quantum computers to compute molecular energies, the use of new insights from quantum information theory to develop efficient classical methods for solving these problems. Underlying this work is the question: what is the computational complexity of simulating quantum systems?

Current research in the area of classical discrete models involves the investigation of a simple model with dynamical geometry in which particles move on an arbitrary surface, and may modify the geometry of the surface as they move, are also underway. Applications of this research include dynamics of membranes and fluid flow on complex surfaces.

Computational aspects of research will utilize the new 16 processor Haverford computer cluster.

Prerequisites:  Consent of the instructor. Programming experience is helpful but not required.

Who should take (or might benefit from) this course?:
Junior or senior physics, mathematics or theoretically inclined chemistry majors.