Physics 304b 2009 Computational Physics


Course Information

Instructor: Peter J. Love (Extension 6505, KINSC Link 105)

Office hours: MTF 11am-12

W 1-2pm

F 1-2pm

or by appointment

Meets: TTh 2:30-4pm, CS Lab H110

Important Dates: 50% of this course is an extended project. I will provide some project descriptions from which you may choose a project, or you may propose a project yourself. However, if you choose to make such a proposal a description of the project is due : 03/03/2009.

Project proposals due: 03/03/2009

  Projects Begin: 03/17/2009

Projects Due: 05/01/2009

Important course information is contained in the Syllabus, please read carefully for details of course organization such as when problem sets are due, grading scheme,  exam scheduling and honor code matters. The syllabus will be fixed throughout the semester, so read it now. This course also has a Blackboard site, where problem sets, solutions and lecture notes will be posted. You should check the Blackboard site regularly for updates throughout the semester.


Left: Computational Fluid dynamics calculation of the collision of two smoke rings performed with the VORTONICS package

Right: Robert Oppenheimer and John von Neumann in front of one of the first computers, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton