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Haverford College
Departments of Physics and Astronomy

Physics 211: Laboratory in Electronics and Waves

Meeting times & location

Thu 1:15-4:00 p.m. in KINSC Harris 206 every week, starting the first week of the semester


Physics 106 or 102 or the equivalent. Physics 213 should be taken concurrently if you have not already taken it.

Who should take Physics 211 lab?

Everyone! In particular, this is the first of three upper-level labs in the physics major and minor (Physics 211, 301 and 326.) Typically you take this lab concurrently with Physics 213, our lecture-based course on Waves and Optics, but you can also take it later if that's a better match to your schedule. Because its subject material is so useful for astronomy, we urge our astronomy majors and minors to consider taking this lab as well, though it's not required.


The first quarter covers a suite of fun and practical electrical circuits labs that will develop your hands-on skills as experimentalists while also teaching you quite a bit of modern electronics. In the second half of the semester, you will perform labs in physical optics (in which you treat light as a wave, not as rays as in geometrical optics and learn about topics in imaging and polarization), and labs on waves, resonance and normal modes in mechanical systems.

We will work with the Physics 213 lecturer to coordinate topics as much as we can, and to relate our lab material to that course. See the course Moodle site for all readings and scheduling information.