Haverford College Physics 115a -- Modern Introductory Physics: Beyond Newton


This introductory course provides students who have an advanced background in mechanics with an alternative pathway into physics by exploring applications of introductory physics through a modern perspective. The course will focus on novel examples, consolidating the students background in physics and building problem solving skills. This course forms a year-long sequence with Physics 106: Fundamental Physics II (Electricity and Magnetism) in the spring semester. Prerequisites: Calculus at the level of Mathematics 114 plus significant prior experience in calculus-based introductory physics (mechanics) at the level of Physics 105, such as the Advanced Placement Physics C course (or an International Baccalaureate "higher level" course), with laboratory.


Text: "Introduction to Classical Mechanics: With Problems and Solutions" by David Morin, 1st edition

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Background image: Spectra of three types of compact fluorescent light bulbs, and one LED bulb. From http://web.ncf.ca/jim/misc/cfl/