Week 2, September 10, 12, 14:

Where are we? presentation

Saturn and the Cassini mission
Flying through Saturn's rings
Mike Brown on the discovery of Pluto
What is a planet?
Neil deGrasse Tyson on Pluto
Pluto's reclassification, from Pluto's perspective

Week 3, September 17, 19, 21:

Retrograde motion of Jupiter and Saturn
Retrograde motion in a Ptolemaic and Copernican system.
Phases of Venus

Week 4, September 24, 26, 28:

Hunt for Alien Earths - Nova Science Now
NASA's exoplanet archive
Exoplanet website with plotting tool

Week 6, October 8, 10, 12:

Extremophiles on Earth
Tardigrades on Earth
The Drake Equation
Neil Degrasse Tyson on the Drake Equation

Week 7, October 22, 24, 26:

NIST testing relativity with atomic clocks
New Planet in the Neighborhood
Discovery Rekindles Wish for Journey to the Stars
Hubble timeline
Hubble top 100 images

Week 8 October 31

Bad displays of data 1
Bad displays of data 2
Bad displays of data 3

Week 10, November 12, 14, 16:

The Sizes of stars
CMD movie
HST images of ultra-faint dwarf galaxies. - HR diagrams reveal their existence and tell the story of their past.

Census of stars near the Sun. We look at the movie of systems within 25 parsecs. Then we will look at the slideshow of stars within 10 pc.
Angry Sun erupting
Solar flare movie
A solar storm

Week 12, November 26, 28, 30:

The Planetary Nebula Show - pretty pics of planetary nebulae.

NASA Science casts:Why won't the supernova explode? An advertisement for the new NuSTAR space telescope.
PhD comics: The secret lives (and deaths) of stars
Some cool supernova remnants.

Homer and the black hole
Neil DeGrasse Tyson on death by black hole.

Week 13, December 3, 5, 7:

What's wrong with this? Outside of class, watch the second clip from the show (there are a bunch of commercials to get there.) In class I will use this link instead.
Ginormous black hole
Stars orbiting the black hole at the center of our Galaxy.

Some slides on the Hubble Ultra Deep field

Image and rotation curve of M33

Week 14, December 10, 12, 14:

Dark matter is a circus master of the Universe.

Our place in the universe 1
Our place in the universe 2

Later in the semester

A few slides about measuring the presence of elements in stars with spectra.
Dopper shift and light
HR diagram of the brightest and closest stars
Neutrino experiments
Ice Cube experiment construction

Nova podcast about Supernova Event Network. Galaxies
Hubble ultra deep field 3D animation