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This site provides advice and training resources for physics and astronomy researchers. It is curated by Prof. Walter Smith, Haverford College.

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General resources:

Starting a new research project Interacting with your mentor Interacting with other group members Critical weekly tasks Important lab etiquette
Keeping a lab notebook

What to do when things aren't working

Graphical presentation of data    


Laser safety Electrical safety Compressed gas cylinders Chemical safety  


Literature research:

Introduction to the world of scientific literature How to find relevant articles How to read a journal article How to keep what you've read organized  



How to give a good talk How to create and present a good poster How to write a journal paper How to write a thesis  


Computers and Coding:

Importance of backups Introduction to Unix, by Dr. Beth Willman Common Python functions (by Dr. Kevin Flaherty)    


Tracking and handling of samples:

Naming convention for samples Sample storage and tracking      


Vacuum system procedures:

Cleanliness for ultrahigh vacuum systems and high vacuum systems        

Final tasks - make sure you finish these before you leave!

List of final tasks