office: KINSC L103

Haverflock Research Materials

Software, user guides, instructions and other useful materials developed in our lab

Image Processing

  • ImageJ User Guide for tracking objects on videos (including birds and other wildlife): instructions from our lab on how to use the popular freeware to track objects (such as animals in the natural environment), measure and count objects, etc.

3D stereometric video

  • Camera calibration, tracking and multicamera 3D video software: we use the packages by Ty Hedricks (North Carolina State) and collaborators (easyWand, DLTdv5, etc.)
  • 3D stereometric video recording: we will be using two different systems this year: a three camera system from Norpix/Streampix with Ximea videocameras and an inexpensive system based on 2+ Go Pro Hero 3+ Black Edition system camcorders (see below).
  • 3D video for < $2K Project: click on these links to see a description and budget for our project to create a low cost high speed high-def stereometric 3D video system to use in the field.


  • Raven Pro User Guide Supplement (an add-on to the popular Cornell Bioacoustics software package documentation: our expanded list of explanations about how the program's most popular features work, cookbook instructions on using spectrograms, detectors, beamforming, etc. and advice on audio equipment for bioacoustics and tips for field recording)
  • Acoustic localization software (advice on acoustic localization microphone array design & beta python code that takes .csv multichannel sound files created by Raven Pro;  computes, plots and saves in a file the position of localized sound sources as a function of time;  the microphone array configuration can be flexibly input by the user;  completed & tested, but no data on positional accuracy and precision yet)

GPS visualization