Computer_Science Ellen passed away right after her daughter Eva's scoliosis surgery in Aug 2008 -- we like to think Ellen has been promoted to guardian angel for Eva, Quinn, and all kids in the universe; you are welcome to visit her gallery and see how much see meant to her family -- JD
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Ellen is a Registered Nurse, having graduated from Montgomergy County Community College. She has worked in Montgomery Hospital, in the CCU of Sacred Heart Hospital, and in the Cardiac Cathertization Unit of Hahnemann University Hospital.
Ellen and J.D. were engaged on October 29, 1995, in Vienna, Austria after the ESS95 conference. This photograph was taken on Lake Ontario outside of Niagara Falls, NY in the Summer of 1994.

Ellen and J.D. were married on Saturday, June 14, 1997, on a beautiful sunny day at The Reefs in Southampton, Bermuda - the reception was held at Mermaid Lake in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.

Ellen and J.D. welcomed Eva Patrice Dougherty on St. Patrick's Day 1998 (March 17), red hair and a great smile.

Two weeks later Eva suffered seizures from a viral encephalitis, resulting in many disabilities including cerebral palsey and cortical blindness -- while JD helps, Ellen is now the primary caregiver and advocate to a very, very special young lady.

Ellen and J.D. welcomed Quinn Francis Dougherty on November 12, 2001 -- another red haired, adorable child (what gives?).

Ellen and J.D. celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary at the John F. Craig House in Cape May, NJ on Saturday, June 14, 2007 -- dinner at the Union Dining Room (JD had elk, honest :-)

Following a full day of surgery (spinal fusion) for her daughter Eva, Ellen said good night, went to sleep and just did not wake up -- we like to think Ellen is now promoted from mother to full time guardian angel for all of us.

Thanks, Ellen, for all the love.

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