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CMSC 240: Principles of Computer Organization

Instructors: John Dougherty

Semester & Year: Fall 2016 | Syllabus


Text: Digital Design and Computer Architecture, second edition (but first is OK), by David Harris and Sarah Harris
Recommended (or an acceptable alternate text): Computer Engineering: Hardware Design, by M. Morris Mano.
"The Haverford Educational RISC Architecture" by David Wonnacott (this booklet is available with a nice cover at the Haverford book store (the version, but without the shipping cost) or you can print your own (without the cool cover) from the HERA web site).


Department of Computer Science Collaboration Policy

Prerequisites: CMSC 106 (or 206 at Bryn Mawr). Math/CS 231 (Discrete Mathematics) is also highly recommended. Concurrent enrollment in this and two other CMSC lab courses requires permission of the instructor.

Description: A lecture/laboratory course studying the hierarchical design of modern digital computers: combinatorial and sequential logic design, memory and processor organization, instruction sets, assembly language, elements of operating systems, and advanced topics as time permits (such as parallel processing)

Lab Assignments and Term Project:

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