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CMSC 240: Principles of Computer Organization

Instructors: John Dougherty

Semester & Year: Fall 2014

Schedule: Lecture: MW 2:30-4:00 in KINSC H108; Lab on F 12:30-3:30, register for one hour slot

Text: Digital Design and Computer Architecture, second edition (but first is OK), by David Harris and Sarah Harris
Recommended (or an acceptable alternate text): Computer Engineering: Hardware Design, by M. Morris Mano.
"The Haverford Educational RISC Architecture" by David Wonnacott (this booklet is available with a nice cover at the Haverford book store (the version, but without the shipping cost) or you can print your own (without the cool cover) from the HERA web site).


Collaboration: You are encouraged to discuss the lecture material and the labs and problems with other students, subject to the following restriction: the only "product" of your discussion should be your memory of it - you may not write up solutions together, or exchange written work or computer files.
Collaboration is not allowed on exams.

Prerequisites: CMSC 106 (or 206 at Bryn Mawr). Math/CS 231 (Discrete Mathematics) is also highly recommended. Concurrent enrollment in this and two other CMSC lab courses requires permission of the instructor.

Description: A lecture/laboratory course studying the hierarchical design of modern digital computers: combinatorial and sequential logic design, memory and processor organization, instruction sets, assembly language, elements of operating systems, and advanced topics as time permits (such as parallel processing)

Lab Assignments:

A preliminary syllabus is available, but may be revised during the semester.

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