Introduction to Data Structures CS106 Spring 2013

Lab 2: Abstraction and Representation of Sets

Check out the sets_no_duplicates project files for Lab 2. This contains the file which you will be modifying in this lab. None of your modifications should cause any program that worked correctly with the old class to break.

Make the following changes in any order:

When these are done, add a README.txt file discussing the advantages of the new representation, from the point of a user (when would the new version work better? when (if ever) would the old one have been preferable?), and a README-DESIGN.txt file to serve as a guide for other programmers working on your class. Then use Team->Commit to hand in your work (and, of course, you can also use commit to make backups also at each significant milestone, e.g., at the end of each bullet item above).