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Data Structures


Haverford College

Spring 2015

Term Project

Due: end of Spring Term

As a course capstone project, you are asked to design and implement a more substantial application which utilizes some (if not all) of the various concepts in algorithms and data structures covered in cs105 & cs106 .

You are invited to propose your own project, or complete one of those suggested below. You are welcome to work in pairs or individually; however, both members of a pair must contribute to the final result in a demonstrable way.

Evaluation of term projects will be completed by an appointment during "finals week." This evaluation consists of review of the source code, a demonstration of the project, as well as responses to questions posed by the instructor.

Enigma Simulation

An overview of the Enigma Machine and Cipher Technique is presented at or

Checkers Game

An online game with basic rules (you do not need this level of graphic IO) -

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