Topics in Introductory Programming

Topics in Introductory Programming is designed to give a general introduction to programming as related to data analysis across many fields. Students will be introduced to standard introductory programming imperative and object oriented techniques as well as data structures necessary to create efficient and understandable algorithmic solutions to problems. Data for analysis will be drawn from a single discipline that will vary per semester, forming a theme for topical study. Topical investigations will include the ethics of data use in that field, how data is commonly generated and used, and implementation of important discipline-specific algorithms.

Chemistry Linguistics Social Inquiry


The course repository can be found at Students should all have a copy of this repository already in their home directory on the CS lab computers and should use that to modify and submit assignments.

Labwork should be done on the computers in the computer science teaching lab (KINSC H110) either in person or by logging in remotely. We will help you learn how to login and access the lab during your first lab session. You may also find the following documents useful:

There are also some resources on Python conventions that you might find useful once you've learned the basics in class: