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Computer Graphics

CMSC 212

Haverford College

Fall 2003

Lab 0

Wednesday, September 13

Basics of MacOSX, ProjectBuilder, C++ and OpenGL; Line-Scanning Algorithms

This initial project is designed to facilitate an understanding of the basics of OpenGL under MacOSX. The PowerBuilder IDE is available as well, although you may want to work "in the raw."

Before coming to lab, sit down and compose a draft of the C++ code with OpenGL calls that would be needed to complete the assignments described below. Lab specifics will be presented in the H110 on Friday, September 5.

Open the lab 0 project (as we did previously), and experiment with various OpenGL/GLUT utility functions. Then edit the source to implement one of the line scanning algorithms mentioned in lecture (brute-force, incremental, or midpoint). Please restrict the line segment to the first octant above the x-axis (e.g., the segment between (10, 10) and (100,90)). You are welcome to compare this technique with the OpenGL line functions.

If time and interest permits, you can extend this routine as follows:

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