Meet the Charkoudian Lab

Charkoudian Lab

Claire Armstrong

I am a senior chemistry major with a biochemistry concentration. I am from Cornwall, Vermont and love to ski, play soccer, and hike with my dog, Poppy. I am a peer tutor and PLTL leader at Haverford.

Nicholas Bank

I’m a senior from Aurora, Colorado planning on majoring in chemistry with a biochemistry concentration. I love singing in my free time and lead a brand new acapella group for POC on campus. I also work as a PLTL leader and a TA in math and chemistry.

Clara Farrehi

My name is Clara Farrehi and I’m a senior chemistry major/biochemistry concentration from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I am a member of the women’s tennis team, as well as a peer tutor for general and organic chemistry. I also enjoy running, reading and traveling

Josh Klein

I am a senior from Williston, Vermont, planning on majoring in chemistry with a biochemistry concentration and minoring in Italian.  I enjoy hiking and playing flag football in my spare time, and I've skied since before I could read!

Ashley Sisto

I am a senior chemistry major with a biochemistry concentration. I'm from Clifton Park, New York, and I love hiking, playing music, and practicing photography in my free time. I'm also a peer tutor for chemistry and a member of the Haverford College softball team.

Zach Brown

I am a junior from pursuing a Chemistry major, a Biochem concentration, and a concentration in Peace, Justice, and Human Rights.  I am from Shaker Heights, OH, which is just outside of Cleveland.  Outside of the classroom at Haverford, I am on the Men's Soccer team, I work for the Phonathon program, I am a member of the Joe Schwartz 3K Planning Committee, and I was involved with the customs program as a Customs Person.  I also love to travel and try new foods/restaurants.

Grayson Hamrick

I am a junior chemistry major with a concentration in biochemistry and (maybe) a minor in environmental studies from Gilbertsville, PA. I play on the Haverford men's lacrosse team and have played trumpet in the Bi-Co Jazz Band. I like to travel, read, and take pictures.

June Hoang

I'm a junior with an enormous passion for both chemistry and neuroscience. In addition to doing research and running to classes, I serve as the co-head for Pan Asian Resource Center and the lead coordinator in Haverford's Mentoring and Student Teaching (MAST) program. My favorite recent hobby is journaling in both English and Vietnamese (I was born and raised in Vietnam!) in my free time. 

Sharon Nwankpa

I am a sophomore from NYC with an intent to major in chemistry with a concentration in biochemistry. I enjoy bike riding, roller skating, and running. I am a part of Haverford’s track & field team. 

Bashkim Kokona

I am a Postdoctoral Scholar and Visiting Assistant Professor with interestat the intersection of structural biology and biophysics. My PhD thesis was under the mentorship of Dr. Susan White at Bryn Mawr College is about understanding how the L30e ribosomal protein in Saccharomyces cerevisiae is able to distinguish two different  RNA targets, its own mRNA and rRNA in the context of ribosome assembly. l enjoy training undergraduate students how to use, collect and interpret data from state-of-the-art instruments here at Haverford such as Circular Dichroism, Dynamic Light Scattering, Analytical Ultracentrifugation, Atomic Force Microscopy, and Confocal Microscopy.  Over the years, l have collaborated with a wide range of laboratories here at Haverford and around the US. In my free time, l enjoy playing soccer and drinking beer. 


  • Kofi Acheampong ('19)
  • Renata DiDonato ('19)
  • Sam Epstein ('19)
  • Yang Wu ('19)
  • Vaso Chioti ('18)
  • Marco Rivas ('18)
  • Stephanie Terrell ('18)
  • Valentine Courouble ('17)
  • Michael Jordan ('17)
  • Aurelio Mollo ('17)
  • Grace Thiele ('17)
  • Noah Bloch ('16)
  • Joshua Bulos ('16)
  • David Cookmeyer ('16)
  • Saadia Nawal ('16)
  • Katie Tsai ('16)
  • Emily Winesett ('16)
  • Erin Berlew ('15)
  • Connie Friedman ('15)
  • Niki von Krusenstiern ('15)
  • Alec De Vivo ('14)
  • Matt Johnson ('14)